Night sweats: looking for a breathable mattress:

To obtain maximum transpiration from a mattress, it is necessary to pay close attention to the materials with which it is built, but also to those of the covering.

If we examine the latex mattress, we immediately notice the holes that characterize this material and allow the passage of the air flow, thus ensuring good transpiration. However, it is a porous material and if it can be the type of mattress suitable for those who do not sweat a lot, those suffering from excessive sweating may need even more perspiration.

Also, the type of latex that is chosen is of fundamental importance as among the various types, namely, natural latex, mixed latex, synthetic latex, there are many variations that determine the breathability of the individual product.

What about the pocket spring mattress? Generally, the springs are inside a foamed boxing, here the quality and capacity of the foam used becomes fundamental because it could reduce the transpiration of the mattress.

If the foam used in boxing has good transpiration, the mattress with pocket or independent springs could be just the one most indicated in case of excessive sweating.

Be careful in choosing the memory foam mattress, which, if not constructed with excellent criteria, risks holding heat further.

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The mattress cover in case of night sweats:

The covering is the external part of the mattress and can be made with different materials. Even the most breathable mattress, but with the wrong coating, can frustrate all efforts to combat night sweats.

Natural materials are always a guarantee of perspiration, but today there are also thermoregulatory coatings that ensure the right comfort in every season. The characteristics of these products allow you to sleep cool in summer and warm in winter, ensuring the right temperature even for those who sweat.

Let us not forget, in fact, that night sweats are generally not linked to the temperature of the environment and those who suffer from this problem even in winter, need to be in contact with materials that offer perspiration, but also the right warmth.